Fall – Closing Your Crawl Space Vents

Crawl spaces under your house give a number of benefits. They allow air to circulate under the floor to prevent moisture from building up underneath. When too much moisture is present on the floor joists, rot and mildew can form. In addition, crawl spaces provide access under the house to fix a multitude of other […]

Late Fall- Snow Removal

When winter snowstorms arrive, home owners have several choices for snow removal. Each has pros and cons and will be most effective if you plan ahead. If you have a small area to clear, a snow shovel may be all you need. Not surprisingly, local home improvement stores tend to run out of these items […]

Fall – Winterize Your Home

Tips for Winterizing Your Central Oregon Home and Landscape Benefits Summary: Reduce winter heating costs. Avoid costly damage to outdoor faucets. Use the cold winter months to create a beautiful landscape this spring. Fall is the time to get your home ready for winter and a beautiful spring. There’s a great deal that can be […]

Early Fall – Schedule Your Roof Repair During the Dry Season

Benefits Summary: Save on heating and cooling costs. Reduce allergens for your family. Now that the ice and snow have passed, take a good look at your roof. Regular maintenance will ensure that your twenty-five year roof will actually last that long! Roof professionals will check your roof and make a plan to clean and […]

Fall – Check Your Roof for Leaks Before the Winter Precipitation Comes!

Water-Test Roof and Flashing Benefits Summary: Ensure the integrity of your roof Avoid costly repairs Protect your home Your roof is exposed to driving rains, scorching sun, high winds, and punishing snow and ice. Fall is the perfect time to check for leaks in anticipation of the coming winter. Visible and physical examination is sometimes […]

Fall – It’s Time to Schedule Your Sprinkler Blow Out

Blow Out Sprinklers and Winterize Your Landscape Benefits Summary: Protect your sprinkler system by having it serviced by a professional. Fertilize and mulch landscape for the winter. You’ve spent hundreds of dollars creating beautiful landscaping around your home, including a sprinkler system. During the winter when water freezes in sprinkler pipes, it expands. Most pipes […]

Fall – Caulk Window Trim and Door Frames

Benefits Summary: Seal out Drafts. Make Trim Paint Look More Professional. Reduce Heating Costs. Caulking forms a flexible seal for cracks, gaps, or joints and stops leaks. This creates a more air-tight home and reduces heating costs. Caulking is not difficult and can be done simply by homeowners. You’ll need a caulking gun and paintable […]

Fall – Winterize Your Home

Remember those summer maintenance projects you told the spouse that you would get completed when Fall arrives? Well, Fall is here now. You can’t put off the work any longer as you won’t be able to do the tasks when the cooler Central Oregon weather moves in over the region. Here are some tips about […]