Fall – Winterize Your Home

Remember those summer maintenance projects you told the spouse that you would get completed when Fall arrives? Well, Fall is here now. You can’t put off the work any longer as you won’t be able to do the tasks when the cooler Central Oregon weather moves in over the region. Here are some tips about the maintenance and improvement you can do to your home so it withstands the winter weather this year.

Get Organized With Projects

Sit down and make a list of the maintenance and improvement work you need to do inside and outside of the house. Tackle the outside projects when weather permits and then switch to the inside tasks when the weather worsens.

Get the Furnace Checked

Perhaps the number one spot on your to-do list is the furnace. Get it inspected and cleaned by a professional. You should also have the vents vacuumed, seal the leaks in the duct work, and change the air filters.

Stop the Drafts

Now is the time to tackle those window and door drafts. Caulk around window and door casings to prevent wind and moisture from entering. Don’t forget to remove and replace old weatherstripping now as it becomes a hassle to do it later when the rain and snow hits.

Get the Roof in Top Condition

Leaks are one of the worst things that can happen to your roof in the wintertime. Have the roof inspected and fixed so you have a safe and dry environment inside your home. It is also a good time to clean out the gutters and have the chimney cleaned out if you own a fireplace.

Improve the Entrances to Your Home

Steps and stairs can cause dangerous situations, especially during harsh weather. If the cement on your steps is crumbling away, or the railing is wobbly, get the situation fixed now. With the holidays approaching, you don’t want a relative to have a slip or fall and have an accident when they are trying to visit you.

Don’t Have Uninvited Guests Wintering in Your Home

When the temperatures drop, animals of all shapes and sizes look for places to stay warm. These places may be inside your house. Close off holes that become entrances into your home so you won’t have to deal with the unwelcome visitors.

Winterize Air Conditioner Units

If you have an outdoor air conditioner hooked up to a split system central air unit, you should protect it during the winter. Drain the water line, clean out the dead leaves and place on a cover to prevent ice from forming on the parts.