Katie Anderson, Founder, Aperion Management Group

“When I founded Aperion Management Group 10 years ago, I had the vision to create a Homeowners Association (HOA) management company that didn‚Äôt just refine the management process, but redefined it. We‚Äôve done just that and have become Central Oregon’s first and only Accredited Association Management Company (AAMC), as well as Bend Chamber‚Äôs Small Business of the Year. As a born and raised Bend native, it was also very important to me that Aperion be an intricate part of the community.

¬†As a COBA member, we are able to come together, as part of the building community to raise awareness to the issues affecting the industry and initiate change. By working with developers during the early stages of development, Aperion is able to help them create sustainable communities that enhance the culture of Central Oregon.”

Gary North, Vice President, R & H Construction

“I started in the construction industry at an early age and I‚Äôm glad that I did. It takes hard work¬†and dedication, but I strongly believe this is a great career path for anyone willing to stick with it.¬†There‚Äôs a lot of growth potential, especially in the Central Oregon commercial market. I started¬†as a laborer and worked my way up in the industry, now serving as a vice president for R&H¬†Construction.

I love the Central Oregon community and COBA is an essential association here. It supports industry goals and offers valuable networking opportunities to bring the business community
together. I‚Äôm proud that R&H Construction is an active COBA member.”

Jeff Payne, Owner, Panterra Homes

“With more than 30 years in the building industry and with the past 10 of those as a member,¬†I truly understand and appreciate the advocacy and mission of COBA. From helping the¬†region‚Äôs cities and counties to create land use and development policy, to interceding and¬†interpreting building codes, to challenging unwarranted fee increases, to advocating for¬†affordable housing, COBA is a valuable partner. For all of those intangibles and industry¬†discounts, I am proud to be a member.”

Debbie Baldwin, Principal Broker, Century 21 Gold Country Realty

‚ÄúI have been listing and selling real estate in Central Oregon for approximately 37¬†years, and I have been a COBA member for a large part of that. Growing up, my father¬†owned a journeyman carpentry business and two of my brothers worked for prominent¬†Central Oregon construction companies. Because of my background, I am well¬†aware of the various issues that construction companies may be faced with. I am so¬†proud to be a part of COBA, a dedicated organization that supports and helps local¬†businesses work through these issues in order to thrive.‚ÄĚ

Galen Blyth, Cascade Insurance

‚ÄúGrowing up with a carpenter and realtor as parents, I was raised in the home building industry.¬†Some of my earliest memories include ‚Äėhelping out‚Äô on the job, watching nail driving contests at¬†company picnics, and being around my parents‚Äô coworkers and family friends in the industry.¬†My wife and I moved to Central Oregon in 2005 to start our family. I was lucky enough to start¬†my career in the insurance business, and it was a natural fit for me to work with builders, subs¬†and suppliers as I share the same values. Raising two small children in a smaller community¬†during the ‚ÄėGreat Recession‚Äô really taught me what hard work and hardship was, but the¬†relationships I built through COBA allowed me to grow my business and set myself up for the¬†upswing as well as any future turns. I moved to Central Oregon because of my love of the¬†outdoors, golfing, fishing, snowboarding, but also because I loved this community. I am proud¬†to work with and support many non-profits, and consider COBA a cornerstone of my business¬†and life. I am COBA.‚ÄĚ

Luke Pickerill, Owner, MonteVista Homes

“I love Central Oregon and I love the homebuilding community we have here. As a homebuilder,¬†being a positive influence on this community is something that I feel is important for me to do.¬†Because COBA is really the only voice in Central Oregon speaking on behalf of our industry, it is¬†great to be able to speak directly into the issues that affect us local contractors. It‚Äôs great to¬†know that my involvement has a direct and very real impact.

Family is very important to me. My wife Martinique and my three children, Zac, Genevieve and Gavin give me strength and purpose. They fuel my desire to ensure that the Central Oregon
building industry will continue to grow and to foster positive change on behalf of our¬†community. Being an active member of COBA is the best way for me to ensure that the city and¬†industry I love will continue to stand strong.”