Fall – It’s Time to Schedule Your Sprinkler Blow Out

Blow Out Sprinklers and Winterize Your Landscape

Benefits Summary:

  • Protect your sprinkler system by having it serviced by a professional.
  • Fertilize and mulch landscape for the winter.

You’ve spent hundreds of dollars creating beautiful landscaping around your home, including a sprinkler system. During the winter when water freezes in sprinkler pipes, it expands. Most pipes do not expand to accommodate the water, instead, they break or burst.

The first freeze in Central Oregon generally happens during the month of October. Accordingly, experts recommend winterizing in mid to late September or early October. But if the first few freezes of the season are already past, it’s not too late. Most sprinkler fittings are well below ground and insulated by soil, meaning the first few freezes will not reach that depth. But when the deep winter cold arrives and soil temperatures drop, these components will freeze too.

Experts will run each zone of your sprinkler system, emptying by blowing compressed air through the system. They’ll close your main shut-off valves, inspect for visible leaks, and open all necessary drains.

Fall appointments fill up quickly so call today to schedule yours!

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