Late Spring – Deck Maintenance

Wood decks here in Central Oregon take a beating year round. During the winter, your deck is exposed to repeated cycles of snow and ice that melts and then freezes again.  During the summer, your deck bakes in the warm dry climate and year round our beloved dogs can leave scratch marks on wood decks. […]

Late Spring – Schedule Window Cleaning

Benefits Summary: Keep windows crystal clear. Avoid the build up of hard minerals and oxidization. In Central Oregon, many of us pay a premium for a home with a view and then allow dust, pollen and dirt to build up and obscure the landscape!  Regular window cleaning is the key to a clear view of […]

Late Spring – Mowing Tips

Benefits Summary: A lawn that is mowed on a regular interval will: Be more dense and healthy. Be more drought resistant. A lawn that is mowed at the appropriate height will: Be healthy. Be better able to resist stresses. You’ve spent hundreds of dollars creating beautiful landscaping around your home including a lawn. During the […]