Late Spring – Deck Maintenance

Wood decks here in Central Oregon take a beating year round. During the winter, your deck is exposed to redeck-stainingpeated cycles of snow and ice that melts and then freezes again.  During the summer, your deck bakes in the warm dry climate and year round our beloved dogs can leave scratch marks on wood decks.   So, if your deck is beginning to look like one in this picture, then your deck is begging for a new coat of stain!  Installing a new deck can be expensive, so act now and protect your investment.

Benefits Summary:

  • Keep your deck looking beautiful, fresh and prevent graying.
  • Prevent splitting, warping and splintering.
  • Extend the life of your deck.

Wood offers a unique beauty and strength that for centuries has made it a choice for decks, fences, and siding. Natural stained wood adds character and increases the value of your outdoor living space.

Proper wood deck maintenance can protect your investment:

  • Horizontal surfaces should be cleaned and recoated every 12 to 24 months. Vertical surfaces with a western or southern exposure may need attention every 2-3 years and a northern or eastern exposure every 3-4 years.
  • There are three basic types of finish preparations are available.
    1. Cleaners refresh the wood and will not remove the old finish.
    2. Brighteners will remove bleed marks, remove tanning and lighten darkened wood.
    3. Strippers can be used to remove prior finishes.
  • Applying the stain.
    • Clean the surface. The surface should be free of mildew stains, dirt, debris and contaminants.
    • Before applying the finish, allow the wood surface to dry completely (at least 48 hours).
    • Applying stain under direct sunlight may cause the stain to dry too quickly and could possibly leave undesired lap marks. To avoid this problem, start in the morning as soon as any moisture has dried off. If the staining takes more than 2-3 hours, stop during the middle of the day when the sun is directly overhead, and then start staining again later in the afternoon when the sun is not directly overhead.
    • Apply stain when air and wood surface temperatures are between 50°—90°F.
    • Brushing is the preferred method of application; however, stain may also be applied with a roller, garden sprayer or airless sprayer. Back brushing after these applications will eliminate pools and puddles. Brush with the grain of the wood for the best look.
    • More stain is not better. One coat is often enough; do not over apply these products. If you over-apply, stain may peel or crack when exposed to moisture, or produce a sticky surface, which can prevent it from drying properly.
    • To ensure color consistency, the product should be shaken or stirred before and during use.
    • When staining, it is best to stain 2 or 3 boards at a time their entire width.
    • If you’re covering a large area and using multiple gallons, mix them together to ensure color consistency.
    • Before using any product, please read and follow all label directions and cautions.

See a list of professionals and suppliers to assist you with your deck staining!

These home maintenance tips were provided courtesy of:  Denfeld Paints, Inc. located in Bend, Oregon