Late Spring – Schedule Window Cleaning

bend-oregon-pine-pollenBenefits Summary:

  • Keep windows crystal clear.
  • Avoid the build up of hard minerals and oxidization.

In Central Oregon, many of us pay a premium for a home with a view and then allow dust, pollen and dirt to build up and obscure the landscape!  Regular window cleaning is the key to a clear view of our beautiful environment.

Homeowners spend countless hours, risking life and limb on make-shift equipment, cleaning and wiping windows only to discover streaks and a lost weekend! Professional window-washing offers a better result: professionals have the right equipment, specialty cleaning solutions that are more effective and efficient, and hours of experience.

Avoid the build up of hard minerals and oxidation on your windows by hiring a professional window-washer. A professional can schedule periodic cleanings so you’ll always have a crystal clear view of our stunning surroundings and will make certain that your windows look great all year round. The schedule will be based on the location of your home, the type of windows in your home, and the needs of the individual homeowner!

The Central Oregon Spring pollen release (see picture above) is starting and it will generate a waiting list for window cleaning.  Schedule your cleaning now to avoid having to wait until July to have your windows professionally cleaned!

Find a professional window cleaner!