Summer – Keep Your Garage Door Safe and Operating Smoothly

Benefits Summary:

  • Keep your family safe.
  • Improve the security of your home.
  • Reduce energy consumption.
  • Avoid costly repairs.

bend-oregon-garage-doorThe warm summer weather brings with it more outside activities like bike rides, lawn maintenance, gardening, boating and more.  These additional activities often translate into more use of your garage door.

Your garage door is often the largest moving object in your home. When your garage door is properly maintained, it provides convenient access to your home, helps keep unwanted people and animals from entering, protects your property from the elements and reduces energy consumption.

Here are a few garage door maintenance tips that should be performed on an annual basis:

  • Spray a penetrating solvent (like WD-40) on all rollers, hinges, latches and pulleys.
  • Wipe everything you have sprayed clean and then apply a light 3-in-1 oil.
  • If any rollers, hinges or other parts seem stuck, soak them in kerosene, clean and then reapply a light oil.
  • If your garage door opener is operated by a chain or screw, apply the same lubricant to those parts.
  • Reattach or replace any weather stripping along the sides of the door.
  • If your garage door is wood, touch it up as needed to protect it from the elements.

If you aren’t comfortable doing your own garage door maintenance, there are local, qualified professionals available to keep your garage door safe and operating properly.   If you would like assistance, here is a list of qualified garage door technicians.