Summer – Properly Feed Your Garden

It’s so easy to think that plants grow from the water they drink and from the sunlight they absorb. If you are not a gardening professional, you may not even think about what food your garden needs to grow naturally and strong.

Plants absorb different nutrients from the soil to grow. You will need to feed the soil so your plants have plenty of nutrients to draw in through their roots as they become healthy and strong.

How To Feed Your Garden

Step 1: Gather your compost. Compost is the best natural soil food for your garden. If you don’t create your own compost from food leftovers, grass clippings and dead leaves, then you can purchase compost from your local gardening store.

Step 2: Lay down the compost. Laying down the compost will depend on how far along your garden is. If you are in the prep stages, you can just lay the compost on top or you can mix it deep into the soil. If you already have plants up, then place the compost around the base of the plants as it will naturally break down into the soil.

Step 3: Add other types of soil amendments. Soil amendments helps with water retention and aeration so your plants receive enough air and water at the roots to grow healthy and strong. Compost is a perfect soil amendment, but you can also use cow manure or top soil. You can add soil amendments under the mulch to improve the soil structure and quality.

Many people don’t consider feeding their lawn because they believe tossing regular fertilizer on top will do the job. But you may want to consider composting and soil amendments for that added boost of nutrients using more organic materials.

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