Summer – Crank Up That Sprinkler System!

Benefits Summary:

  • A lawn that is provided adequate irrigation early in the summer will be able to survive in the fall.
  • Properly timed irrigation combined with sprinklers that are properly aimed will save time, money and water.

You’ve spent hundreds of dollars creating beautiful landscaping around your home, including a lawn. During the summer in Central Oregon, grass plants are feeling the heat. Your spring irrigation routine does not provide enough water for your lawn in the heat of summer. The best way to increase the amount of water for your lawn is by adding irrigation cycles. When you add time (depending on your soil type), the additional water will tend to puddle and run the surface until it finds the gutter, and ultimately, the storm sewer system. By adding irrigation cycles the additional water added will infiltrate the soil surface, be used by the plants, and keep your lawn greener.

When you see your lawn showing drought stress, please ensure that your sprinklers are aimed appropriately. Just as water will run the soil surface when applied in too much quantity, water applied to sidewalks and driveways will run to the gutter and sewer system. Take a moment to watch your irrigation system run, and manually adjust each sprinkler so that it is aimed where you want it to water. If you can follow these simple steps, your lawn will have a better chance to reach the fall in good health. Should you need assistance, please contact a landscape professional.

This Tip provided by:
David Roath, 7 years experience as Head Golf Course Superintendent at Sunriver Resort’s Meadows Golf Course, Turf and Landscape Management Hortculture Degree from OSU, LCB#15512.