Summer – Get the Right Pool for Your Backyard Size

Getting the perfect pool for your backyard takes time and thoughtful consideration. You want to have the right pool for the size of your backyard so you and all your guests can enjoy it! Figuring out your construction budget is the very first thing you should do, as it helps to narrow down your choices, but there are many options to consider when planning ahead for your dream pool!

Above-Ground or In-Ground

Size considerations is very important when deciding whether you are going to install the pool above or below ground. Above-ground pools can often be more cost efficient and allow other backyard aspects to be added. In-ground pools tend to be more expensive as the price can rise based on specific amenities you are looking for.

Splasher Pools or Lap Pools

Some people want pools to just splash around in and have fun with the kids. Other people want pools for exercises and to do laps. While splasher pools can come in all shapes and sizes, lap pools have to be at least 4-feet to 5-feet deep and about 25 yards long. Take stalk of your backyard space so you can be in control of what amenities you’d like, length and width of the pool, and if you have the space to accommodate those requests.

Patios And Landscape Features

You may only want a pool and a small place to lounge by, or maybe you’ve been considering other backyard elements such as an outdoor kitchen, garden, water feature, outdoor living space, play set, or a putting green. Take into consideration all the outdoor aspects you want into your backyard and the placement of these features. Then you can see how much space you have for a pool as you can decide on the right shape and size.

Family Time

Decide on the right pool for the size of your backyard based on who will use the pool the most and how often it will be used. If you are only expecting the kids to play in the pool while they are young or the grandchildren playing in it when they spend the weekends over at the house, a smaller pool is ideal. If you plan to use the pool every day when there is great weather outside so you can swim, lounge in and exercise, then a larger pool may be more accommodating. Also keep in mind the changing size of your family. While you may think you need a big pool for your growing teens, also know that when they leave the nest the pool might be used less often. So a smaller above-ground pool that you can later tear down after the kids go to college might be better for your future lifestyle.

Pool Shape

Remember that pool sizes don’t have to be round, oval, square, or rectangular shapes. In-ground pools can be L-shaped, crescent shaped, U-shaped or other configurations to fit into different backyards. A contractor specializing in pool design can help you decide on the right size to make your pool so it fits optimally in your backyard.