Spring Time Yard Cleanup

The yard is in bloom, yet there is still so much to do to get it looking great throughout spring and into summer. Get outside and start spring cleaning the yard, as you’ll be happier that the task is completed now versus waiting until the last minute when the chores build up. If you tackle a bit at a time, you will quickly see the difference and make headway so that you can properly maintain it for the rest of the year with minimal effort.


Get out the clippers and start getting those dead flowers, shrubs, and trees in good condition. Many trees should be pruned in spring and early summer so they can heal better from the cuts. Flowering bushes and trees should be pruned after their first flowers bloom. Stay away from topping trees, which is actually bad for the health of the tree. Focus on pruning away dead branches, unhealthy branches, and shaping the trees and bushes to encourage stronger growth so they will have lush foliage.

Also cut back perennials and thin out beds to space out the flowers so they have plenty of room to grow. Don’t forget to get the spade into the ground to tackle the weeds and get them out from the roots.

Yard Cleanup

Always wait to do the yard cleanup until after the pruning and weeding. Then you won’t have to clean up the yard over and over again. Separate the debris by placing the trash that must be thrown away into one pile, and the organic materials that can be placed into the mulch bin. Also, rake the lawn to remove the thatch that has built up.

Repair Damaged Grass

Dog poop, standing water and pests can damage the grass along your yard. Remove damaged turf afflicted with disease. Have a pH test performed on the soil to determine the right amendments to use, get rid of the pests and place down the grass seed. Put compost on the seeds to keep them moist and give them time to grow.


Now is also the time to mulch your flower beds and vegetable garden. You will want to pull the mulch back from plants and trees to prevent root burn. Place new mulch on top of the old so there is a depth of up to 3 inches.

Clean-Up Hardscape Areas

Sometimes people are so focused on caring for their plants that they forget to also care for the hardscapes around the yard. Whether you have a garden path that looks neglected, or a birdbath that needs to be cleaned, always set aside some time to fix up all the hardscape features. Paint the fence, clean the outdoor fountains, repair lighting, replace flagstones and power wash patios or decks to remove algae.

Enjoy Your Yard for the Spring

There are tons of small tasks that can seem daunting when it comes to yard work. Yet getting everybody tackling one job at a time can get the task finished quickly so the family can relax and enjoy the beauty of the lawn. Create a checklist of all the things you have to do to get the yard into the best condition that it can possibly be for the entire year.