Getting Ready for Spring

Spring is only a short time away as people will be getting outside to rid themselves of the dreaded cabin fever. Yet before you set out on spring vacations and mini weekend trips, be sure your home is ready and in tiptop shape. Here are some projects to always consider when the weather warms up so you have a beautiful, functional and safe home.

Inspect Your Home

Winter storms can wreck havoc on the outside of your home in Redmond, Bend, and Sunriver, Oregon. The three key places to inspect include: the roof, windows, and siding of your home. Check for any damage such as broken shingles, loose siding nails, and missing caulking that can allow water to enter your home. Get all problems fixed quickly before the spring rain arrives and enters your home, creating mold and mildew issues that will cost you even more money to repair.

Spring Clean The Outside And Inside Of Your Home

While all of us will be spring cleaning the mess inside and tossing it away or donating the items to charity, it is also a good time to think about spring cleaning the outside of the home. Cleaning out gutters, picking up dead tree branches and removing dead flowers from the garden are tasks that can be done during a free weekend. Other tasks to consider include: washing the windows, painting the siding, or staining the deck.

Get The Landscaping Started

It is the perfect time to consider landscaping tasks to get the lawn and flowers growing beautifully. Perform trimming on the bushes, seeding and fertilizing the lawn, and planting perennials. You should also ensure all of your lawn systems are in working order. Take care of your sprinkler systems, hoses and outdoor faucets so they are functional.

Don’t Forget The Little Tasks That Can Become Big Problems

Springtime is also the perfect time to do those chores that have been put off year after year. Cracks in the driveway, loose front railings and leaks in the basement can quickly become worse problems that can endanger people or damage your home. Instead of just pushing the task further and further behind, be sure to schedule a consultation with a professional to inspect and fix the problems now. Then you can have the peace of mind that your home is safe and secure.

Spring Can Become A Busy Time When Getting The Home In Great Condition

You can quickly fall behind on completing all of your projects during the spring. The best thing to do is to break out the to-do list and figure out what tasks you can do yourself and which tasks require a hired expert. Then schedule all the work so everything is done before summer arrives.