Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Winter has hit the Oregon region and you want to stay warm and toasty no matter what type of weather falls from the sky. Now is the time to get your home ready for the winter to avoid problems and costly repairs when the spring thaw arrives. Use the following 9 tips to get your home prepared.

1: Get The Roof Checked
Leaks that are small now will get worse when the snow falls and the ice builds up on the roof. Have it inspected and fix problems so your home is safe and dry during the winter.

2: Insulate Your Home
With the rise of energy costs, don’t go broke just because all the heat is escaping through the roof and walls. Place up insulation in the home so you keep warm and can run the furnace less this winter.

3: Clean Out The Chimney
If you have a fireplace in your home and you love using it in the winter, you need to get the chimney swept. Built-up creosote can stick to the inside of the chimney and catch fire, posing a dangerous hazard.

4: Clear Out The Gutters
Ice dams can pull your gutters off the side of the house or cause water to get underneath the roofing material and into your home. Clear out all the debris and dead leaves so water and melting snow can be directed down the pipe system.

5: Caulk Around All Windows And Doors
Caulk around doors and windows to prevent cold air and moisture from getting into your home. Also, the caulking will help insulate your windows and doors as you’ll be able to keep more warm air inside the house.

6: Drain Exterior Faucets
Exterior faucets can become damaged if the water is left in the line. When the water freezes, it can expand and split open the pipe work. Drain the water from garden hoses and the faucet. Then shut off the valve for the exterior faucet.

7: Drain The Irrigation System
In addition to draining all exterior faucets, you should also drain out the irrigation and sprinkler systems. Prevent the water from freezing and splitting the pipe system.

8: Service The Furnace
Have the furnace serviced so it is in running order. The technician will inspect the furnace, install clean air filters, ensure the thermostat is calibrated correctly, and check ducts to ensure they are clear.

9: Place Outdoor Furniture Into Storage
Dry and store outdoor furniture in the garage, shed, basement or other available space. You can prolong the life of your furniture if it is not left outside. If you have to leave them out for the winter, place furniture covers to protect the items during the winter.