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Bend Home + Design Magazine
974 NW Riverside Blvd
Bend, OR 97702
Phone: 541-948-5200
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Central Oregon - On a new level. Built on decades of expertise in what makes this region one of the worlds best places, Bend Magazine delves into the soul of Central Oregon, building stories around the area's stunning environs, fascinating people and distinct mountain culture for those thirsting to explore it. 

From the creative group of locals with acclaimed national experience, Oregon Media has created Bend Magazine, a journey of the mind, feet and soul in Central Oregon. Expect insightful coverage of its people, unparralleled environs, adventures, arts, and culture, business, events and homes as well as trends in gear, apparel and design. Expect vivid photography. Expect storytelling that grabs you. Expect the best of Bend via Bend Magazine. 

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