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Artisan Homes and Design
19045 Mount Shasta Drive
Bend, OR 97702
Phone: 541-318-9987
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If you visit Central Oregon’s Tour Homes each year, you may remember the fine craftsmanship and exquisite design of Artisan’s Tour Homes from yesteryear.

This year’s entry is the first home from Artisan’s “Not so Big, Not so Expensive Luxury Home Collection” group of plans.

If you have admired the design and quality of an Artisan Home in years past but wished there was a compact version available, this group of designs is perfect for you! All the ambience you remember and expect in an Artisan Home but in a smaller package.

You have admired Artisan Homes for years – this can be the year to make your dreams reality! Talk to Don, Suzanne, Michelle or Shelly this weekend at the Artisan Tour Home. Arrange a no-obligation meeting with Don to discuss your dream home – with over 100 million dollars of other people’s dreams already fulfilled, your dreams will be in good hands.

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Business Type: C-Corp
License Type: CCB
License #: 58650
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  • 2017 Tour of Homes - Best Landscaping
  • 2021 Tour of Homes - Best Interior Finish
  • 2021 Tour of Homes - Best Kitchen