Why Build a Green Home?


  • Ā Lower energy bills
    • A home that has an efficient envelope uses less energy. Less energy consumptionĀ means lower energy bills.
  • More comfortable living spaces
    • The green or systems approach to buildingĀ results in ventilation that is more consistent and comfortable.
  • Improved occupant health
    • A well-functioning home improves ventilation and filtration that has positive effects on your familyā€™s health.
  • Lower maintenance costs
    • A green landscape requires less water and green materials are more durable.
  • Higher resale value
    • Today’s buyers understand the value of a green home and will pay more.
    • In a regional study, certified green homes sold for between 3-23% more than a conventional home; however, an example here in Central Oregon best illustrates the value of green building. Northwest Crossing, one of the premier green communities in the Northwest, is one of the few developments that continued to build homes during the region’s economicĀ struggles. Northwest Crossing is an excellent example of the growing interest in living green.

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