Sorting Through the “Green” Clutter

We have all heard it; green this, green that, everyone is claiming to be green now a days, so how do you separate and remove the pretenders out of the masses of companies and find a qualified green professional?

To start, search out a professional that is actively involved in the green building community.  Whether it be in the local HBA Building Green Council or through continued education, involvement and education increase your odds of finding a qualified professional.

There are also nationally recognized designations for professionals that have passed the test to become a green professional. These designations recognize professionals who have completed education requirements and incorporate green building principles into their projects.

  • Certified Green Realtor from NAR
  • Certified Green Loan Originator from NMLS.
  • Certified Green Building Professional from NAHB
  • Sustainability, Building & Energy Professional from CCB
  • LEED APs and Green Associates from USGBC

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