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Madrone Construction, LLC
PO Box 2145
Bend, OR 97709
Phone: 541-788-8737
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For nearly three decades, we have designed and crafted stunning custom homes, as well as renovated and remodeled existing homes. Madrone's success is rooted in our belief that genuine integrity is at the heart of professionla endeavors. Our client's happiness over all these years is a testament to that belief.

Deciding to create or remake your living space brings excitement and anticipation. However, we've seen how quickly those emotions are overcome with anxiety and frustration. We simply don't accept that. We manage the total process with your vision in mind and with honest communication throughout our collaberation.

Our guiding principle has never changed. Whether we're building your new home or reinventing your current home, your emotional investment exceeds any financial commitment.

That's why for us, it's not a project. It's a privilege to make your vision for a new way of living a reality. We never forget that.

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Business Type: LLC
License Type: CCB
License #: 192243
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  • 2015 COBA Tour of Homes - Best Feature
  • 2020 COBA TOH - Best Architectural Design
  • 2020 COBA TOH - Best Feature
  • 2020 COBA TOH - Best Landscaping