Summer – Dryer Duct Cleaning, Reduce Fire Risk

Benefits Summary:

  • Keep your appliance running at maximum efficiency (reduce energy bill).
  • Prevent dangerous build up of heat and carbon monoxide.
  • Prevent fires caused by elevated temperatures.

The average family does five or six loads of laundry each week making your dryer one of the hardest working appliances in your home. Maintaining it is vital; failure to do so can lead to poor performance and cause your dryer to operate at elevated temperatures and possibly overheat. Natural gas dryers have the added need to exhaust Carbon Monoxide; even a partially blocked vent can cause fumes to build up and reach dangerous levels in the home. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates there are 15,000 dryer-related fires annually.

If you’ve noticed your dryer’s drying times increasing, if loads are very hot but still damp, or if you discover no lint on the lint screen, these are signs that it’s time to call the professionals right away.

Maintaining your appliance is as simple as having it inspected and serviced by a certified professional once a year. A professional can ensure that your appliance is safe and in proper working condition while helping you save on energy costs.

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